Who knew everything could change in an instant.  


Traveling to Asia in 2013 opened my eyes, it was like going from seeing in black and white to seeing in color (yup, I’m using Anthony Bourdain’s phrase, but I just felt the same way). I realized the life I thought I wanted, the life everyone said was the one I should aim for, all of a sudden it was not it. Working at an office 40 hours a week, for 30 years didn’t seem appealing anymore. Neither was working to buy things I didn’t need to impress people I didn’t know.


I’ve been there before, to feel lost, to realize this lifestyle I’m living is not it, but at the same time not knowing what is that I want. 


Since that trip, I’ve spent my time trying new things, learning, traveling, experimenting, finding what works and what doesn’t. I realized that I was looking at life all wrong! Chasing something, expecting to be happy once I get there was not the solution. I saw that once I would reach a goal, I was already thinking what was next, never feeling fulfilled. The answer was right in front of me all along, be happy now, where you are, with what you are doing.

So that’s how I ended up here, talking to you. I realized what I like to do, what I enjoy doing, is to help you figure out what you want, help you discover the tools that are withing you to achieve it, so you can be able to live a fulfilled life with no regrets, being happy now.


Since 2019 I’ve been working with clients who were feeling lost, unsatisfied, stuck in the hamster wheel, and struggling with their finances. I’ve helped them gain more clarity, satisfaction, and a renewed sense of excitement for their future. As my clients grow and understand the dynamic of this process, I also learn and grow with them. This is a process that will always evolve and the better I understand my clients, the better I can help them and myself.


My journey is just beginning and I invite you to join me.


Quick Facts About Me

Over 190,000 Miles. Those are the number of miles I have traveled since 2013, the year I made my first trip outside of North America. That trip opened my eyes and showed me it was time to see the world.

11 Month Sabbatical. After leaving a 31-month career in Transportation Engineering, I took an 11-month sabbatical around the world, visiting 26 countries on 5 continents. I lived one day at a time, with no set schedule, just exploring, having fun, resting, learning, and expanding how I saw the world and myself.

June 24, 2016. That was the day I bought my first book, and the first one I read in over a decade. Now I read roughly 10-15 books every year. 

10 Days in Silence. In December of 2017, I attended my first Vipassana meditation retreat, which involves 10 days in complete silence. No eye contact, talking, reading, writing, exercising, or eating meat. During those 10 days, I meditated for over 12 hours a day and fasted for 16 hours a day. It has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and came out a changed person.

Nature, Walking, and Traveling. These are my vices. I’ve got rid of alcohol, caffeine, and other drugs, but those three I kept 🙂

My Friends and Family. I didn’t appreciate them enough until I left everyone I knew to live in different cities. You never realize what you have until it’s gone (fortunately for me, it was only temporary).