Don’t Enjoy The Silence (While Driving…)

No, this is not my drive to work, I wish…

Like most Americans, I drive to work every day, around a 45 minute round trip. That’s 195 hours spent in my car every year! Even though this waste of time sounds crazy, it’s just below the average time spent commuting for the average American, so, let’s assume your commute is similar or greater to mine. Now think about this: how do you spend that time? What do you do while driving to work? Maybe listen to music, listen to nothing, think and complain about how much traffic there is today? What about if instead of all of this, you converted your car into your own personal school and used that time to educate yourself and learn something new every day? Think about how much different your life would be after one year of doing this, or 10 years!

I used to listen to music every day while commuting to work, but it’s been over 1 year since I changed that and now I listen to podcasts or audiobooks every morning, since I noticed that on my drive back from work I’m mentally tired and need a break, so I only do this during the morning. Still, that’s almost 100 hours of learning a year! My life has changed for the better. I’ve gotten so many good new ideas; I learned a lot and I even ended up going to the best conference I’ve ever been to. All of this, because I learned about it while listening to a podcast on my way to work.

Lesson: time is very valuable. Make the best use of it as you can, and take any opportunity to learn and grow.

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